Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Brilliant Ideas #forDeeds

Happy Deeds Days, everyone! Have you been wondering how you might be able to help with Deeds, beyond a donation? Well. Check this out! We need your ideas! Deeds' family is SO close to finishing their fundraising! Just a bit more than $2500 and it's all over!! Can you believe it?! The problem is, the well has run dry. I spoke to Deeds' Momma last night, and she's overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of work, school, and family, and his Daddy the same. 

Here's what I think. I think there are a lot of people with ideas out there that won't require a lot of front money to MAKE money. Here's one that *I* had. I told Bobbie to look into renting a park for a day/evening. around the end of May, or early in July, after the 4th, when the weather is holding steady and not too warm. The expense is minimal, and with her family connections for concession equipment, her press releases and relationship with her local newspaper, I think they could do a mini carnival in the park for Deeds' fundraising, and have it promoted well with no expense. 

Think about it. A college or high school's agricultural sciences department, or FFA department that would bring baby animals for a petting zoo, a party supply that would donate the use of a jumping castle for a few hours, a bakery that would donate 200 cupcakes, a music department at a college or high school, or a band that would donate a concert under the stars, a children's theatre or drama department that would donate one showing of a short play and you've got yourself Deeds Day for under a hundred bucks, including any necessary permits. Charge people $10/family for a day of fun, allow families to bring a picnic supper, and people would come out in droves! Let's face it, the economy ain't all that great, and families (especially BIG, MONSTROUS families...  ;) ) are looking for inexpensive things to do together. 

Also? If they do this in July, the Monster House will be there, and happy to help! Free slave labor!And it wouldn't hurt to be able to sell some of those most awesome t-shirts JC Little created at that carnival, either....

What are your ideas? Deeds needs ideas! We want to get that last $2557 no later than August 1, so the family can make all their reservations and other plans in a timely, less costly manner. Send ideas to Deeds!!! Email your brilliant money making ideas to, tweet @dog4deeds, or offer ideas to them on facebook at A Dog 4 Deeds.  I mean it, people. Deeds needs YOU!!


Patty O. said...

I don't know if you have a Culver's near you, but they often will let you do a fundraiser there. Basically, you go and serve food there, and you get 10% of the profits. My friends did this and made about $300, which I know isn't that much, but there is no expense at all. Just encourage all your friends to go and eat on that night. I know Burger King does something similar...

RacersMommy said...

I know when my daughter's class was trying to raise money for their field trip to San Fran they did a rummage sale in the school parking lot on a weekend. Maybe find ppl in the community who are willing to donate stuff to sell.

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