Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Me. Me me me me ME!

Don't run away screaming, I promise it won't hurt for long.  This was taken last September, in my bathroom, the morning after Logan was released from the hospital, after a night with no sleep. I'm actually pretty impressed. Usually, I will only publish it with a sepia wash because I have a permanent wrinkle by my left eyebrow that makes me nutty. (Mom was right. My face DID freeze into the scowl I had as a teenager. True story.) This was the very definition of a good hair day. I look.... pleasant.  I DO have a point. Stick with me, here.

And... this is me now. Thinner hair, more wrinkles, tired eyes, pursed lips, I'm just cranky. I'm cranky ALL. THE. TIME. Personally, I think that glassy sheen in my eyes is a nice touch for the sleep deprived zombie look. What a difference 6 months of    perpetual awake makes, huh? Also, I haven't had the time/money/motivation to get a hair cut/color. Get over it. 

Okay, OKAY! I'm getting to the point! Today was most awesome, if I do say so myself. An angel, in the form of our former nanny. came to the house to talk about becoming a respite care giver for the monsterlettes for a couple hours a day, twice a week. Why? So I can.........SLEEP! Sleep! I hardly even know what the meaning of that word is anymore! The euphoria is better than anything any pharmaceutical company could EVER come up with. 

And so, addicts, though I may miss a day here and there on the blog when she's here, I can pretty much guarantee you I'll be doing something vitally important. Like this:

And people? Her first training day is TOMORROW! Woot! How lame am I that I took up an entire blog post on this nonsense? But still.. WOOT!!!!!


The Animated Woman said...

I love it Caryn awesome post! SLEEP euphoria is most def what you need. I'm so glad that someone is gonna do some carin' for Caryn!

And sleep is what I need right now so I'm heading to bed yawning.

Susan said...

Not lame at all!! Enjoy your sleep :)

Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

oh I am so glad for you. Sleep dep SUCKS
I pray you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed ready to face the days and whatever they bring

thelittlefluffycat said...

I always say, when the masks drop, if you're travelling with somebody (or seven somebodies!) put on your own mask first! :)

Gina @ Special Happens said...

YES!!! That is the BEST news you could have given me. So glad you're going to get the chance not only for help, but for sleep. Bless her (and not because she sneezed). LOL. Okay, that was lame. I admit it...dig the photo too!

RacersMommy said...


Dani G said...

shhhhhh, the momma is sleeping!!

Karen V. said...

You are beautiful even when tired. So very happy for you!!! Nite-nite.

Jenny said...

What a gracious soul! I am so happy that someone is doing this for you!

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