Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Drops in the bucket

A drop in the bucket. Pictures, Images and Photos
The last couple of weeks have been an expensive, stressful ride, for the Monster House. We've had car damages that are costing over a thousand dollars in parts alone, we've had an emergency visit to an Opthalmic Specialist for #6, Easter weekend found us with a house guest that we weren't expecting, and last night, the Daddy's work computer decided this would be a good time to die. 

With every new thing, another drop is added to the bucket. Stressors are compounded with every drip. Emotions run high. You find yourself becoming irritable and tense. Eventually, you outgrow the bucket intended for all those evil little drops, and you get the equivalent of a natural disaster in your brain. You are now at overload. This is not good.
flooding. Pictures, Images and Photos
How then, do you quiet the flood waters and calm yourself, while still taking care of daily responsibilities that cannot be put off? Children must still be fed, clothed, and nurtured. The house must still be kept in some semblance of order, lest the meanies at Child Services come for a visit.

It's always a plus when your personal hygiene is under control, which means you have to carve out 15 minutes somewhere in your day to allow for washing your hair, shaving your legs, and brushing your teeth. That may be the hardest task to accomplish, as many parents I know have a rough time just getting to the commode unescorted. Oh, and by the way... if you do manage to carve out that 15 minutes, that also means that at some point, you've had to wash (and remember to dry) towels. Otherwise, you're stuck with the last threadbare washcloth in the linen cupboard, and I'm here to tell ya that it won't be all that satisfying to dry off with, as it's 15 years old and now the size and thickness of a postage stamp.

How can you take all those drops from your bucket, dry out, and start with a fresh out look, a better attitude, and a willingness to keep trying? 
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Well. As much as I would love to be able to answer that question intelligently, I got nuthin'. Also, I'm being distracted by that picture up there  ... it's making me laugh, and that's probably bad, right? Oh, well. At least I can still laugh.. and that's a step in the right direction. 

If YOU have any helpful hints about calming the flood waters, I would love to read them! Please put them in the comment section below. Please refrain from spamming me with self help seminars, a book on 12 easy steps to financial freedom, or parenting magazines. Now is not a good time. The likelihood of extreme profanity from the direction of The Momma hurled in the direction of the spammer, is extremely great. I'm just sayin'.
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Jenny said...

Caryn, I love that picture! And laughter is a good start! I don't have 7 monsters, but I have been in an overflowing bucket for years. I hear you about car repairs and kid issues and things dying at very inopportune times! Some day when you don't feel like hurling things at me, go over and search for "Are you Weary?" on my blog. It was a raw, emotional post for me, because I was pretty desperate when it happened.

Seriously, though, laughter is a good start. Can u find a fluff magazine you enjoy and add 2-3 minutes to hiding in the bathroom? Oh, and Dove Dark Chocolate squares. Those are helpful and release seratonin or something or other!

Blurred One said...

Oh dear girl. I feel your pain more than you know. Outside of any real advice, I say a good red wine and super dark chocolate helps. Look forward to hearing some real advice. :) hugs!!!!

Deanna said...

I've just about hit the brim of my bucket so I hear you!

The only thing that has helped me was last week, I decided to have a small glass of wine with my dinner and woke up the next morning to an empty bottle... I know it's not the best solution but I have been able to have about three coherent thoughts this week so I'd say it helped.
Also, call anytime you need a chat, I'll just make sure the kids aren't playing too rough so Boog doesn't have an asthma attack again! ;)

P.S. Thanks to that pic I have left a voice mail for one of my users that starts with a giggle and a snort... lol

Danica said...

Well if I had, any real words of wisdom I would be one of those people who write the self-help books (insert evil laugh). Yes not so much help here either, but laughing at one’s self is a good place to start. Also yes chocolate does help as others have pointed out darker the better. You all have one advantage I do not you can drink the wine & eat the chocolate. I already know you will not get the extra few min i the commode so maybe get the travel bottles and keep them in your purse. Yes, maybe not the brightest idea, but all I got....
***HUGS*** and for us everything seems to come in 3's so you may be somewhat OK for a while. Disclaimer: This however does not always hold true and now that I have said this may have jinxed you... Sorry & I will shut up now.

Deanna said...

Danica, I've realized that if it surpasses the "threes" rule, it's usually divisible by three (6, 9, 12, etc.)


Bubbe said...

*sigh* Bubbeleh, I feel your pain. b''H, things will improve soon in the Monster House and for all of us with overflowing buckets.

I also offer up the 3's rule, so that makes 3 people saying you've had 3 biggies so maybe you're safe. Seems kabbalistically positive.

When I faced an extraordinarily stressful situation unfolding, I was also advised to eat chocolate. It worked, but now I'm stuck with an extra 20 pounds and no energy to work it off!

Seriously, what I have learned in my advanced years is that the issue, so often, is that we, as women, need supportive listening to get through it and in most cases, men just don't understand this. It's not that they're unwilling, necessarily, but they simply cannot understand what we feel and what we need and so they make matters worse.

Thus... my solution? Women's informal support groups. Phone calls, blogs/responses, coffee dates, more phone calls, all with at least three "I KNOW!!!"s or "I hear ya!"s minimum per "meeting".

Because really? Who has time to pick up a self-help book, let alone read one.

Danica, I love your acknowledgement that the bathroom does NOT provide a private moment. The closest I've found to bathroom privacy is taking a long shower and simply pretending I can't hear the endless requests and interruptions over the running water... until the shower door is opened, at least.

Just remember... God made TV for a reason, and I firmly believe that one of His reasons is so that in times of stress and exhaustion, you can plunk babies down with a video and steal a few minutes to yourself.

Nicole said...

Boy can I relate. This past year has brought with it more "flood waters" than a decade of dehumidifying could dry up. But we all still can laugh at the absurdity of it all. I also can relate to personal hygiene falling to the wayside. As much as I am looking forward to warm weather, it just adds one more to do to my list (shave my legs) that I don't have the time or energy for. :-)

Jaleta Clegg said...

I just found your blog. So far, I'm loving it. I've got 8 kids, 6 of them with autism or related disorders. I know where you're coming from. It won't help now, but it does get better as they get older.

Find a babysitter, even if it's just for an hour, and go do something you want to do. See a movie by yourself, go to the store by yourself, get your nails done, whatever it is that you really love doing. Those times by myself helped restore my sanity, at least for a little while.

Good luck. And install a lock on the bathroom door, if you dare lock them out for any length of time. Sometimes it's worse when you don't know what they're up to.

Caryn said...

Welcome to the insanity, Jaleta! Nice to meet you, another Momma of epic proportions. ;)

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