Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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Where is Lucy when you really need her?

Roughly 98% of the time,  I make every possible effort to be everything every member of my family needs. Roughly 98% of the time, I fail someone, at some point. This is not good for my mental health. In fact, following a particularly ugly "You're the worst mother in the world! I hate you! Just DIE!" episode by my excessively talented #4 drama queen child this evening, the Daddy sat me down for a little chat. I hate little chats. Let me assure you, little chats in the Monster House never mean that you're about to have polite conversation, tea, and crumpets.

This particular little chat was regarding the status of my mental health. Is it bad that I was laughing hysterically inside my brain? And that I thought to myself, "Really?! WHAT mentality? I haven't really left the house for any real length of time in MONTHS.. except when Logan had that allergic reaction, and we spent time in the ER!" Not to mention the fact that the Daddy and I have not gone out together, as  a couple, to a non-child related function since...last July. 11 months ago. 

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The way I figure it, I'm going to make mistakes. And the monsters won't always like me. But eventually, they will grow up and become parents themselves, and they WILL realize I was a good mother at least 50% of the time, right? RIGHT?!?!? 

I know the twinnies and notorious #5 probably won't remember the past two days when we drove through the river of runoff water from the snow melt 987 times in. a. row. because it made Logan laugh, calmed his stimming and quieted the evil meltdowns. He loves the sound of rushing water.

I know my 3 little boys won't remember that today I bought a truckload of fruity pebbles for the sensory table, effectively making the house smell lemony fresh, so they they could have different colors and textures to play with as they loaded up little plastic dump trucks and proceeded to redecorate the family room.

My #3 won't remember that I raced home from the grocery store yesterday, forgetting half the things I needed to buy, because he left his trumpet at home, and needed me to bring it up to the high school.

#2 won't remember that I have done the dishes for him every day this week, because he had attitude, and refused to do his daily chore.

The Daddy will not remember that I stayed up all night to wash towels, because the twinnies soaked his favorite towel when they were taking a bath tonight. And, it's always good to have a fresh towel when you get out of the shower.

You know what? I don't need the Daddy and the monsters to remember specific examples. I don't need a wall full of "World's Greatest Mom" certificates and plaques. Really, sometimes the most precious, priceless thing is just... "Thanks, Mom! I love you!"
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Thank you, doctor. I feel much better. Now aren't you glad we had this "little chat"?? 


wondersndreams said...

Thank you mom for all you do! *hugs*

I'm not your kids, but I am sure if logan could express it, he would tell you that.

Karen V. said...

You can have tea and crumpets here. ;) I hate "little chats" and I have since I was a kid- they are never what they say they are. I wish I could drive over and play in the fruity pebbles and drive thru the runoff water with you - but we'll have to settle for virtual play and driving. I know these days x 1 not times 7 so I have an itsy bitsy inkling from which I send you massive (((Hugs))) That'll be 5 cents please.... oh never mind - Lucy says it's on the house today. <3

Big Daddy Autism said...

I think we need to have a little chat about this.

Tillmanator said...

Well, I will remember that you took time out of your busy day recently to talk to me for more than 30 minutes about blogging, advertising, and other assorted things when you had kids to deal with and dinner to cook and probably a million other things.

Thanks! I'm working on my ad now.

Danica said...

OMG!!! I just laughed for 10 min almost peeing my pants.Then read it to my hubby. Thank you ! Thank you!
My hubby and I just had a chat this week too about my mental help! Yes I was laughing to myself durring our "little chat" as well.. Only our chats consist of some yelling and me in tears and throwing a little tantrum that actually sparks said "chat"....
Itotally relat 100%

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