Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Alef Bet review and giveaway

Everyone give a BIG Monster House welcome to our Bubbe! Read along and follow our conversation, because today is REALLY exciting!

The Momma: Bubbe, you know how Thursdays are review days on the blog? I was thinking, maybe we should have a really great giveaway for adults this week. I really want them to know how very important they are, and how much I am truly inspired by all of them. We've done a lot of things for all the cuddly little monsters out there. I think it's their turn.

Bubbe: That's what makes you The Momma. You know that it's not just the little chamudim who need some good love. Parents need some attention, too!

The Momma: I was thinking about how much we advocate for our monsters, to doctors and insurance reps, teachers and therapists, friends and family, and I thought truly, this giveaway is so appropriate.

Bubbe: I think it's time teach you a new word, Momma. Brachot (with that funny "ch" that's more like a phlegmy "h"). It means "blessings". Brachot can, of course, be blessings from God. But they're just as powerful when they come from friends, loved ones, even strangers. Jews give each other a traditional birthday blessing: "May you live to be 120." Another common one is "osher v'osher" -- you should have great health and wealth. A little blessing from one person to another goes a long, long way.

The Momma: Exactly! Furthermore, as far as I'm concerned, anything that makes a parent feel more empowered in a world where so much is out of their control is a GOOD thing! May I introduce all y'all to Alef Bet Jewelry.

Bubbe: For those who don't know and haven't guessed, Alef Bet is Hebrew for Alphabet, which I think ties in so nicely with LwL's focus on kids.

The Momma: Alef Bet, while offering Jewish jewelry, also offers stunning pieces that anyone, of any religion (or no religion) will love. They have a brand new collection out called the Blessings Collection. The Blessings Collection is a series of three blessings: fortune, health, and protection.

Above is a close look at one of the blessings necklaces from Alef Bet. It's exactly like the one I am wearing now. The pendant is very small, smaller than my (completely chewed up) thumbnail, and I love it! The back of the pendant says "blessing". Whether you are religious or not, (and I am not all that religious) these necklaces will become a favorite piece of jewelry. They are designed in such a way that they can be worn constantly; during sleep, during the day, while showering, etc. I have gotten lots and lots of compliments on mine, and I have not taken it off since receiving it last week.

Bubbe: You know what I love about this design? It's a perfect "worry bead". When you're needing a little extra strength, you can find this blessing near your heart and hold on tight to it. Poor your worry into it and then let the anxiety go.

The Momma: Here's the REALLY exciting part! You can enter to win one of THREE necklaces! That's right, Alef Bet is giving away a Blessings necklace to THREE lucky people from our lil ole blog! And it gets even better! Literally anyone in the world may enter! Here's how to do it. You MUST do the first, and may do other tasks for more entries.

  • Tell me what you like best about the blessings collection from Alef Bet Jewelry
  • "Like" Alef Bet Jewelry on facebook, leave a comment on their wall, and tell me that you did
  • "Like" Living with Logan on facebook, leave a comment on our wall, and tell me that you did
  • Subscribe to Jewish Star Jewelry, Alef Bet's blog, and tell me that you did
  • Tell me which piece of jewelry is your favorite, on Alef Bet's official website (mine is this one)
  • Tell me who would get the necklace if you win it. Would it be you, or someone else?
  • Blog about this giveaway, and provide a link in your comment
  • Tweet about this giveaway, and provide the link. Here. I'll make it easy for you! You can copy and paste this one:

I entered to win a blessings necklace from Alef Bet Jewelry on @ihave7monsters blog! You can, too! 

 You may tweet once a day, for the length of the giveaway.

Please remember to use a separate comment for EACH task you complete, and to include contact info in every comment you leave. This giveaway will run from today, Thursday,May 26,2011 through Midnight, Thursday, June 2,2011 Mountain Standard Time, at which point comments will be closed.Winners will be announced Friday, June 3,2011 via this blog, Living with Logan on facebook, and @ihave7monsters on twitter, and will have 48 hours to respond, or alternate winners will be chosen.

Winners outside the United States are hereby notified that their necklaces may take up to 12 business days to arrive after the original shipment date. Shipments are not insured. Winners will receive their necklaces directly from Alef Bet Jewelry.

Good luck, everyone!

I was not paid for this review. I received a necklace for review purposes which will not be returned. All opinions in this post are my own or Bubbe's. I was not compensated in any other way!

Photos of necklaces are the property of Alef Bet Jewelry and are used here with permission.