Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Fairy Godmothers, Pixie Dust, and Granting Wishes

Bubbelehs, You know how Murphy likes to play games? Well, the most amazing thing has happened to The Momma and her Internet has chosen THIS MOMENT to take a cigarette break. So I'm here to tell you (in my uniquely low-tech way) what's going on with The Momma Project.

A fairy godmother came down today from Help-The-Momma-Land and told The Momma that she would match dollar-for-dollar* ALL DONATIONS to The Momma Project that are donated between last night until Friday night at midnight (technically Sat 12 a.m.). Yes, that's right, if you donate $10, she'll match it with another $10. Donate $50, and your donation will instantly become $100, thanks to The Fairy Godmother. Feeling strapped? If you forgo your $2 Dunkin' Donuts coffee and contribute that to The Momma, it'll be like you gave up TWO cups of coffee.

So what are you waiting for? Team up with The Fairy Godmother to send The Momma to Blogher! (The clickable widget is over there on the right in the sidebar.)

Thank you, Bubbelehs! You're all mensches**!!

*Until The Momma reaches her target -- remember, though, any excess goes to one of two amazing charities: The HollyRod Foundation and 4 Paws for Ability.
**Really good people
***ChipIn is very, very safe and secure and won't spam you.

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