Friday, July 8, 2011

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Floating on a cloud of happy

Things are hoppin' here at the Monster House, what with The Momma Project, amazing bloggy buddies that are helping, twitter, email, and internet that likes to make life interesting by not working. Here's the latest update. We have raised over $400 in donations for The Momma Project. The widget is oh, so very slow to update, and there is one very special donation that won't show up there for 3-5 days. BUT... with the donation matching that is still going on until midnight tonight, we're over $600!! You guys? I'M GOING TO BLOGHER!!!!!!!!!! And it's all because of YOU.. my wonderful, awesome addicts. Who else is going? Should we meet up?

Oodles and gaboodles of love and thanks to you, my addicts!

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