Friday, September 2, 2011

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Monster House Follow Friday!

When I was in high school, knew everything, was young, cute, and thin (ah, THOSE were the days!), my girlfriends and I used to make candy bar posters for our boyfriends on their birthdays. You know what I mean, "You're worth more to me than 100 Grand" and "You're such a Big Hunk". Yeah, I know. Our intelligence and creativity boggles the mind. Anyway, since this is the blog's birthday month ( and mine, too!) I thought for this week's Follow Friday post I would do a twitter handle variation on the candy bar poster.

Here's the disclaimer: All of these twitter handles belong to people I follow. None of them are used with permission. This post is a work of pure fiction (mostly) and meant for entertainment purposes only. No offense is intended in any way, shape, or form (please oh PLEASE don't be offended!). After all.. I follow ALL these people, which means I must like them! Enjoy!
Dear Addicts,
Everyone knows @ihavemonsters. I'm never @OneBoredMommy. Life is just @lovelylicious at the moment. I have to admit, though, to being really @tiredx6 much of the time. Let me bring you up to date on all the monsters.

#2 just got accepted on the Cross Country team for his High school yesterday. We are ecstatic! This is touching and very @Special_Happens because he has worked so hard to earn that honor.

#1 is struggling, because she thinks all her friends think she is a @geekbabe. I told her there are WORSE things she could be.. like one of the @btchygirls in her classes that regularly give her a hard time.

#3 is going through a phase where he likes anything that goes @Kiboomu! I worry about that kid. You know the saying, where there's smoke there's fire? Yeah. Where there's smoke or fire, there's #3.

#4 has given me adventures in @xtremeparnthood. I swear with her, it's all drama, all the time. She always wants to go and mess around town with @MelissaAndDoug, and I gotta tell ya, they aren't the best influence on her.  After surviving yet another episode of drama, I think to myself, " @wheresmycape and broom?!" She has certainly earned the right to be the red head she is. So, I just pull up my @mommy_pants and keep on keeping on.  

One of these days I'm going to go @starkravingmadm.

#5.. oh , my notorious #5. He's doing so great! He's just finished reading @CMarieGo and is now working on a new book about @DolphinOrganics. The pictures are incredible! I love to hear him read to the twinnies.

The twinnies have turned our crazy house into a @thehugginghome. They bring us so much happiness and are continually inspiring the rest of the family.

The Daddy? Yeah. About him. The one that goes stomping around and beating on his chest, hollering "@IAmIronDaddy !" to which I say, "Oh, yeah? So what does that make me? A @gypsy_momma ?I think not! *I* am a @MomInManagement ." The only problem with that is, the last time I said that? He laughed so hard he burst a blood vessel in his head and pulled a stomach muscle. 

Hope y'all have a wonderful long weekend!
The Momma

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