Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Doin' the DMV thing

Today will be full of all kinds of fun and games because.... I have to renew my drivers' license. Oh yeah. My excitement knows no bounds.

I am full of dread because A) my license expired on the 30th of September and I've been sitting here waiting for the Daddy to be available to play chauffeur as the DMV is over an hour away from here B) I'm old. And I'm going to have that evil little letter on my license that means "must drive with corrective lenses". That's just insult to injury! First, they will tell me I'm old, and then they will take a photo of me that will inevitably turn out green,  or they'll wait to click the pic until I have to cough, blink, scratch the tip of my nose, or sneeze. Better yet, my driver's license picture will probably show balding patterns at the top of my head. It could only happen to me......

This is only okay because AFTER the evil DMV (with the Daddy playing chauffeur and taking the monsterlettes to some petri dish of a playland somewhere while I stand in line for days), I get to go and do one of my most favorite things EVER! I get to shop! For me! I don't know if I can handle this type of excitement.

So.. today I'm away from the computer, the blog, the twitter... oh, who am I kidding. I have email, twitter, and facebook on my phone. I'll be in touch. *wink*  Should we have a hashtag for this? I think we need a hashtag for this. Let's see.... DMV...glasses...bald spots..... I KNOW! The hashtag for today's adventure shall be..#clickprettypic. There ya go, people.  Live in fear. Follow @ihave7monsters if you dare.

Now. The IMPORTANT questions of the day. Okay, you know how there's this "rule" when you go shopping, that you dress for the occasion... wear hose and heels if you're shopping for formal wear/business/heels , wear jeans and sneakers if shopping for jeans/tshirts/sneakers, etc? Ok. I will be at the freaking DMV for the better part of the day. And THEN I'm going shopping. Where's the rule for THAT??

In other news, the twinnies are still doing well with preschool, the Daddy is still living after that motorcycle stunt he pulled (which is STILL in the parlor, thank you very much), the older monsters are still at each others' throats 99% of the time, and there is still snow outside with more to come.  I know. We're very interesting people.

Y'all stay tuned! Also, feel free to tweet me throughout the day. Proof of life and all that. I have a feeling I'll be singing "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" at 10 am.....

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