Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Motorcycles and mayhem

This week, the Daddy is on vacation. This doesn't really mean anything, except that the man stays home instead of going to work for the week. Now. I like having him around so I can sleep in (woo HOO!!), and I like having the help with the little ones, and I like being able to actually slap together a blog post that makes sense without being disturbed four hundred thousand times. However.... I guess I should just start at the beginning.

In the beginning, the Monster House had the evil sickness, and the Momma was afflicted as well. The older monsters came to the rescue and took care of the monsterlettes and cleaned up after little ones who couldn't make it to the bathroom when the nausea took over. Monster #3 in particular was extremely dedicated, and followed behind the little ones, scrubbing many carpet stains and laying out towels, with nary a complaint.

When I became coherent again, after 24 hours of pain, agony and making out my last will and testament, I learned about the good deeds of the #3. And I told the Daddy all about it. The Daddy was properly proud and impressed and we decided the #3 should be rewarded. The Daddy came home with a piece of sh... a very old, run down ....motorcycle. A real one. The Momma was a little.. um... well, let's just say I was concerned. The Daddy assured me that it would take a long time...a VERY long time to fix up the motorcycle, that it was mostly a reason for him and #3 to work together and do the male bonding thing.

Fast forward to today. The first day of the Daddy's vacation. Coincidentally also an early out day for school. This was male bonding perfection, apparently, because the Daddy and #3 decided to work on the motorcycle. But, Mother Nature wasn't wanting to cooperate, and it's been snowing all weekend and into today. This is not helpful to those who want to restore a motorcycle. But, don't worry! They figured it all out.

The plan was simple. It was brilliant. It was decided without talking to the Momma, which was their fatal error. They would simply work indoors! We have this lovely parlor right inside the front door, the room that we try to keep clean and ready in case someone drops by for a visit, with pretty couches and girly end tables. All it would take is moving all the furniture against the dining room table, throwing down a drop cloth, and wheeling the motorcycle right in through the front door.

A picture's worth a thousand words. A few of them only have four letters.  Enjoy the show. Sometime next year, I hope to have a parlor again...

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