Monday, November 7, 2011

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Handmade for the Holidays ~ Devillerouge Designs

Oh, this one's going to be FUN! I just love Mondays, truly I do.  You'll have to pardon the gleeful hand rubbing and cackling going on here. I don't get out much. But... I digress. Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Dawn Hentrich, of Devillerouge Designs.

Growing up in the Midwest, the daughter of a long line of crafter/seamstresses, Dawn has had busy hands since she was a child.  Shortly before the birth of her son, she started her own small business making custom embroidered baby onesies and boutique quality burp cloths. Since then, her work has expanded to Halloween costumes, crocheted items, jewelry, sock creatures, men’s bowling shirts and even bridal wear.  Almost everything in her shop is made to order.

And holy cannoli, is it EVER made to order! Dawn sews, she spins, she crochets, she embroiders, the list is endless. Her capability knows no bounds. You really must go and see all the gorgeous things she can do.

You'll find the Devillerouge Designs blog on wordpress, Etsy and facebook. AND, for this week anyway, you'll find her here at Living with Logan. I am thrilled to be able to feature her on our Handmade for the Holidays series.

Now. Let it never be said that Dawn is as straight laced as that stunning corset over there. Oh, no. While she does do the cutest EVER baby bibs and onesies, she also makes...wait for it...wait for it..... hand crocheted and embroidered mug cozies! I have a favorite, actually. I simply must share it with you. Check it out:

Those of you that I chat with on twitter may have seen me shooting the shi..... er.. breeze, with @jillsmo. Well.. Here she is, in all her avatar glory, as a mug cozy!

Pricing varies on products, but here are a few lowdowns:

For embroidery—any embroidery Dawn does on a piece is $5 for each “hooping” or separate designs (in different places on the piece)

Embroidered onesies are generally $10, embroidered burp cloths are $20

Short, tourist sized mug cozies with a custom embroidered patch is $12, for a tall latte mug, $15

Sock creatures are $35 and require a good two weeks for creation.

Bowling shirts are $50, kid sized are $30

Anything else—just ask!  Dawn quick to answer all emails and willing to make whatever changes are reasonable. 

Did you see something of Dawn's and think, "Oh, that would be perfect for__(fill in name here)__?" Well. You can order right from her and not have to wait to see if you've won! 

Dawn's laying down the law:

Sock creatures and bowling shirts need two weeks for creation PLUS shipping time, so my cutoffs would be:December 10 (BUT—I could take no more than ONE order that day to guarantee xmas delivery—any others would have to wait—so save yourself the worry and order EARLY) 
Embroidered onesies and mug cozies: Dec 15.I work on orders first come first serve, so  early ordering is better!

Here's Dawn to tell you what she'll be offering:
I will make one custom embroidered standard tourist mug cozy with your own words and color choices.  And yes, I have no problem embroidering something…er…profane. Cuss away!
Enter this giveaway by filling out the rafflecopter form below. PLEASE read through the tasks thoroughly before you start typing. ONLY the "Blog post comment" tasks should be left in comments below the post. ALL OTHER ENTRIES SHOULD BE WITHIN THE RAFFLECOPTER FORM.  Good luck! 

Devillerouge Designs, images, links, and references to same are property of Dawn Hentrich and used here for purposes of this feature/giveaway ONLY! I was not compensated in any way to write this feature. 

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