Thursday, November 3, 2011

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Home Alone

For the first time in seventeen years, I am home alone on a school day. The twinnies are now comfortable enough with their pre-school routine that the teacher, the Para, the teachers' aid, the resource consultant and I decided it was time to cut the cord a little bit and let the twinnies have school without my presence.

Now, there are a few things about this I have to discuss. I am thrilled beyond measure that the twinnies are doing so well. So well in fact, that #6 was comfortable enough to strip down to his Huggies last week right before their Halloween trick or treating tour through the school.  Yeah. I know. Total head smack. But, I wasn't there, and he wasn't the "I'm a little freaked out so I'm going to totally avoid any kind of behavior that would get any attention turned my way" brand of three year old. No. Instead he was "Okay. This is my space. I have sensory issues and I hate clothes, so let me show you how things are done in MY world" brand of three year old.  Luckily, we have an amazing team that dealt with it very calmly and quickly, and no one called the helicopter mom, so I didn't find out until I showed up at the last 45 minutes of school..... from the giggling women in the office. Total head smack #2.

I do have a point. I'm sitting here, in a house that is completely and totally quiet, save for the sound of the central heat rushing through the floor vents and the tapping of my keyboard. As much as I love the quiet, I have no idea what to do with myself. Not a clue. I do have things on my to-do list... a great many things, in fact. But I find myself all out of sorts, because no one is making a mess while I type, no one is crying, no one is begging for "Oh-wivia! MOM! make it be Oh-wivia's turn on the show!" ( we have a little obsession with Olivia the pig here. So much so that there is an Olivia dance, which I will totally take video of so you can see it in the near future.) No one needs changed and no one is telling me "I starving, Mumma! My tummy is sad!". Cut me a little slack here, people. The last time this happened I was on my way to BlogHer and I was looking around trying not to ask anyone if they needed to go potty.

So. The question of the day. What do you do when YOU have time all to yourself?  Seriously. I want to know! As for me, I think I'll irritate my followers on the twitter and the facebook some more and enter more giveaways while I have the chance to concentrate. Christmas is going to be a large strain on us this year. Mighty M had some medical issues that needed immediate attention while she was here, so as anyone would, we made that the priority for the checkbook.

Because hospital ERs and clinics and doctors and MRI and CT scan labs really like raking in the cash, we're feeling the tightness of the financial squeeze. Therefore, the Daddy and I have an agreement that I will make entering giveaways my part time job ( that is, spend the same hours a week as a part time job entering giveaways to help the jolly old elf out.). I like the whole concept of free. We'll see if it works.  Do y'all have any giveaway entering tips for me? Any insider information to help a Momma out? Come on, now. I see some of you entering every single giveaway I run. I know you know how to do this. Pretty please with ice cream and brownies and fudge sauce and real whipped cream on top?
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