Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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All Work and No Play Makes Momma the Bride of Frankenstein

This week, the Daddy is on vacation. What this means is, this week the Daddy is home. He is home because even though he is on vacation, he is taking a class online for work. And, he's still "the Boss" so he gets forty eleven business calls a day. And he's home. All day. Every day. It's freakin' me out!

Now. Don't get me wrong. It's great having him here to share the responsibilities for the twinnies and carpool and homework, etc. However, I'm just not used to having him in the house with me all day long everyday , and it's throwing off my whole routine! I'm actually wearing clothes instead of pajamas until 5pm. I have had a shower for the last two days.. in a row! I'm doing dishes before the monsters get home from school. AND (brace yourselves, people) I'm folding laundry. As soon as it comes out of the dryer!  It's just weird. I'm not used to having to use plates during the day, or refraining from drinking milk right out of the carton, or keeping the house clean while it's just me and the twinnies. We're too busy messing around doing occupational therapy to clean up everything the second it happens, you see.

I think if the Daddy had half a clue what went on while everyone was away, he'd be shocked. Dismayed, even. Okay...he'd  get a stitch in his side from hysterical laughter if he knew that we sing the theme song to Olivia at the top of our lungs (there's a special Olivia dance, too.. which no one but the twinnies will EVER see me do), and we run laps around the house while screaming "Oh, NO! There goes To-kee-oh! GodZILLA!!" over and over again, we play with bubbles and draw on the counter top with crayons. We make messes and generally do whatever it takes to make the twinnies exhausted enough to take a nap. We sing silly songs, and we crawl around on the floor. We eat WAY too many jello jigglers.

What? Don't act all shocked. Y'all know you do the same things. Having the Daddy here has changed things a little. The monsterlettes are a tad confused. They wander around with this look on their faces like, "Who is this imposter, this woman pretending to be mature and have an IQ?"

So here is the (two part) question of the day, for all the monster mommas out there. Take a deep breath and brace yourselves.

Do you act differently when the Daddy is home than you do when you're with the kids alone? What's your favorite thing to do with YOUR monsters that would make the Daddy have a stitch from laughing if he knew?

I think there should be t-shirts for weeks like this. One for every day. And they would look something like this:

All images in this post from the Google images. Thanks, Google! You da best!

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