Saturday, December 17, 2011

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Christmas Letters from the Land of Fib

Every year, we get Christmas letters from friends and family. I've sent them out, you've sent them out, you know what I'm talking about. "Bobby won the state trophy for nose picking, and we're so proud!" or "Suzy graduated with honors from Snark High School".

This week, I was reading a book that made me giggle. The main character in the book had a business where she would type up people's Christmas letters for them, to make everything read as though life is all glitter and rainbows all year long. For example, if  son in law has been arrested for drunk driving 7 times this year and is now serving jail time, she would write "Son in law has worked closely with law enforcement this year and established a lasting relationship with local authorities."

The past few months at the Monster House have been nothing but glitter and rainbows. I'm sure you've noticed this, because I've been posting so frequently. If I were to hire the fictional character in that book, she'd have to write something like,

The Momma and the Daddy have recently been taking law enforcement courses learning about at risk teens, and furthering their academic education via "in the trenches training" at the high school. But we want more, so we're also taking courses with our pediatrician's office and the lab techs at our local hospital.  Of course, all that knowledge and training doesn't help unless you complete counseling courses as well. We're hoping to be accepted into that program at the first of the year. We're making lots of progress and look forward to the day that we earn our respective degrees. If it doesn't kill us first.

#3 has embraced our educational efforts and has assisted us with search and rescue. We didn't do so great the first couple of times, but by the third one, we had the process pretty well under control. That's what happens as you get older.. you just don't retain as much. I panicked once or twice, but #3 was generous with his time and his willingness, so I had several opportunities for improvement.

And then, of course, I would load up the envelope with that really annoying half pound of loose glitter, slide in the perfect family portrait that everyone knows has been photoshopped for a week and a half,  mail out 75 of the fictitious little creations, and wait for reaction! Though the above italics are actually kind of.. sort of.. in a round about way.. true

All snark aside, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. Logan is doing really well, #6 is starting to get the services he needs, #1 is graduating... wait.. GRADUATING?? Ack! Yes, she's graduating this year, #4 and #5 are doing their thing, being kids and getting into messes, and finding trouble to get into. #2 is really growing up, maturing and becoming such a help to me and the monsterlettes. #3 is ever helpful in making sure that we reach, and grow, and embrace new opportunities.

Today's challenge? Leave me some bloggy love by posting something a professional Christmas letter writer might come up with about your year, your family, your job, etc. I can't wait to see it! And let's face it people.. I could use the laugh.
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