Saturday, December 10, 2011

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College Flashbacks And Why Twitter Needs A Theme Song

Tonight while the monsters were flipping through the 9000 channels Dish so generously offers and whining that there was nothing on TV,  they unintentionally stopped on an episode of Cheers. 6.4 seconds into the show, it was declared that this was the stupidest thing they had ever seen and the channels went by in a blur once again. Stick with me here, I know I have a point around here somewhere.

Here's where I go all Sophia from Golden Girls. Picture it:  Summer of 1992.  I was young. I was cute. I was not the mother of  7. I was... THIN! *ahem* Getting to the point, I promise. Summer of '92.  I was walking along, minding my own business, headed back to my dorm after classes and chatting along with my room mate when we got to the lobby. It was overflowing with panting, squealing, twitterpated females gazing in adoration at the brave, admittedly stunning, lone male at the black baby grand piano; playing the theme to Cheers from memory while singing the lyrics. It was pretty impressive, actually. The boy had his pockets stuffed with phone numbers by the time that song was over. This is the closest thing I have ever seen to a total reenactment of the Beatles frenzy. It was, I admit, a pretty creative way for this kid to get a date.

But tonight when I heard the familiar lyrics I thought, "Holy theme songs, Batman!" That's the one we need for all the awesomeness to be found on the twitter for special needs parents! I must blog about this revelation! See? I had a point. And so, without further ado, my suggestion for the special needs community theme song on the twitter. Following the performance, I'm going to shut down the Internet before I hurt myself. G'night!
Texas Tech logo from Google images. Cheers theme from Youtube. Duh.

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