Friday, December 9, 2011

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Good Vibrations

Today has been one wacky carnival ride of meltdowns, spinning, and screaming. It's been such an extreme day that I actually called the Daddy and asked if he fed the twinnies 6 cups of sugar before he left for work this morning. Since I've been using all my secret weapons, I thought today would be a good day to share. Well, that.. and a good day to beg for more videos of construction equipment in action. There are several things that I do with both Logan and #6 when they are just not able to cope.
The over sized bean bags you see the twinnies snuggling are actually rice bags, which weigh in at about a pound each. We heat them in the microwave just until warm, not hot. #6 is all about deep pressure, and this is one of his most favorite things to have when he's coming off a meltdown.

 Vibrations. Yes. My 3 year old twins have vibrators. We use both the big black vibrating/heated/remote control attached (I wuv da buttons, Mumma!)chair pad pictured above, as well as the white handheld back massager. When #6 can't calm down enough to sleep, when he's "all over the place" we use the chair pad. It's a full body pad for a three year old and he will literally fall asleep within 10 minutes when using it. It's a great alternative to the clonidine that gave him night terrors, and the melatonin that only worked briefly. I love that nonmedicated part. During the day, however, we want to keep the twinnies on some semblance of a schedule unless it's quiet time. So, we use the handheld massager. They use it on their faces. Their toes. Logan's revered Puppy.. because if Logan does something, Puppy does it,too. They hold it. They use it as a drill on the floor and walls.  It's a power screwdriver for noses, apparently, as well. There's something a little odd about seeing your three year old with a look of ecstasy while holding a back massager. However, I've gotten past that in light of the fact that it WORKS to help calm the meltdown monsters.

Lord, I apologize for that, and bless the starving pygmies......*ahem*

You've seen our big brown recliner. That poor thing. It's been through the wars. BUT we also use it for "therapy". It spins, you see. Every school day, after the initial meltdown Logan inevitably has, he makes a beeline for that recliner, screams until I put the foot rest out,  then puts his body from the waist up on the foot rest while his little legs run as fast as they can, around and around and around and around get the idea.

I have to stop and giggle now, because #6 is standing on my chair behind me, looking at the slideshow on this post and shrieking "A Cwoo! A Cwoo!!" I think the Daddy let them watch some nick jr late last night...

Logan has had this fascination with heavy construction equipment for the longest time. We have a couple short videos on my phone for him if my dad tilling the garden in a john Deere, a construction site with a skid steer mucking about in a basement hole, and a bulldozer filling a dumptruck. However, they are all only about a minute long because my phone is a piece of sh.... I mean, I have a phone that doesn't like to be a camcorder. But, his interests make sense when you think about it. Heavy equipment like that makes the ground vibrate. He's all about the vibrations. He loves sitting on the top of the washer and dryer, too. I ought to just hire a roller or a front end loader to come over and idle in my front yard for a week or so.....

Anyone have any connections? I'd love to be able to find more short videos for him, as I save them to my phone so they can be used to calm him when we are away from home or not able to use a computer.

Good Vibrations clip from youtube. Blues Clue image from google images.

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