Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Fasting for Magpie

There are a few things I am not. One of the biggest things I am not is a good religious example. Actually, I'm a really horrible religious example, no matter how you slice it. However. There are times when I feel the need to do more than offer my support, say a little prayer, keep someone or something in my thoughts. Don't get me wrong. That's all good and well. But there are times.....

There are a few things I believe absolutely in.

  • Miracles. I dare anyone who watched what happened when we fund raised for Deeds to tell me that there is no such thing as a miracle. 
  • Blessings for the sick. I've seen too many of them work.
  • Fasting. When you're doing all you can do, and you need to do a little more. How hard is it REALLY to give up one day of food to heighten your spirituality for the purpose of good for another?
  • Family. As I tell my children, it's the only thing you can take with you. So love it, cherish it, be thankful for it... every. single. day.
I remember the elation when Deeds went with his family to get his service dog. There were so many people crying happy tears ( I was one of them), and being thankful that they got to play a part in seeing that come to fruition. I bawled like a baby when I saw them on the news, loving on each other like they were made for one another. I think they are. My heart was full.. my cup running over.  I devoured every new photo of Deeds and Magpie on facebook... grinning a silly little grin with each new one.

But tonight, when I logged onto facebook, there were no silly little grins. There was Prayers Please! And once I began reading, I just couldn't stop until I had read it all, from that first frantic call for prayer up to the last post today. Tonight, Magpie was on the news again. But it wasn't happy footage of Magpie tracking Deeds in Target that everyone got to see. It was Magpie in a veterinary hospital, in critical condition after ingesting snail bait.

So.. you know what I'll be doing for the next 24 hours. What will YOU do? Spread the word, say a prayer, write a blog post, tweet, post to fb.. whatever it may be, do your thing. And Mauss family? The Monster House loves you!!!

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