Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Traumatic Snoring

A few nights ago, very late at night, #6 ran to me (the twinnies sleep with the Daddy, I sleep on the couch in the family room) in a half asleep state of panic. It seems the Daddy's high decibel snoring woke #6, and he thought a train was trying to run him over.

I have explained before that I have an overactive imagination. So, I thought I might share with you (in video!) what I think happened here.

Picture it: sleeping twinnies, blissfully dreaming of things like lollipops and unlimited time to play in the sprinklers. 
When SUDDENLY, the peaceful dreaming is interrupted, without one of those uber annoying "We interrupt this program...." messages. And the dreaming turns into:
And all manner of
And ending with:
This, THIS is what Mommas are for. I love the snuggles and the watching of sleeping children. And soon.. the Daddy will be getting a muzzle. May he rest in peace.

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