Friday, July 13, 2012

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Paper Jackson

Jackson has been home from the hospital since July 10! This is so phenomenal, and so fast, it still boggles the minds of those of us following his story. His recovery and recuperation time has been nothing short of miraculous, and warms the hearts of everyone working with their family. There are still some things Jackson is not able to do while he further recovers, such as not being able to swim for two weeks, and not being able to jump on the trampoline (one of his favorite things!!) until his follow up appointment with his neurologist at the end of August.

So, knowing that he is restricted, we (the online community helping the St. Aubin family) all got together and figured out something EVERYONE could do, no matter where in the world you live! It's my great pleasure to introduce to you... Paper Jackson!

How this works is: visit the Paper Jackson page by clicking >>HERE<<. Choose which Paper Jackson you'd like... either the full color image like you see here on my post, or the outline image that is perfect for kids to color however they like! Then, download it, and print it out. Color it, cut it out and you're ready to go! Take Paper Jackson with you on all your adventures this summer and take digital pictures of him with you! Then, upload the pictures of you and Paper Jackson on the Paper Jackson page you got the image from! There are already a few pictures up there, so you can see where he's been, and add your adventures to the gallery!

The goal is to see how many places around the world Paper Jackson will "travel". My #4 actually took Paper Jackson to Girls' Camp with her last week, and took pictures of Paper Jackson with the girls. He went with us to see the aerial fireworks display on the fourth of July, and will be attending the 24th of July parade here as well! He has been busy in other places as well; gardening, going to visit Plymouth Rock, and even visited the University of Wisconsin La Crosse!

Here are a few helpful hints that we have figured out through trial and error:

  • If you are going to color Paper Jackson, use markers. Crayons and colored pencils are not vibrant enough to show up in some pictures. It will just look like a white paper doll cutout.
  • If you plan to take him on more than a day trip, consider gluing Paper Jackson to cardboard so he will survive the trip
  • If you adventure includes water, laminate Paper Jackson, or stick him in a ziplock bag for picture taking.
Can't wait to see all the places Paper Jackson visits! On your mark... get set.... GO!

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