Saturday, July 28, 2012

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Swimming Suit Wars

My #4 needs a new swimming suit so she can participate in a swimming activity with her church youth group on Wednesday. This has presented a new kind of hell for me and The Daddy, as she is thoroughly convinced that she needs a bikini. We are thoroughly convinced that she does not. I realize that she is 12, and I realize that she has her own fashion sense. And, most of the time I allow her to create her own outfits and sense of style. There's nothing wrong with that. However, when it comes to bikinis on a 12 year old, I'm not going to be changing my mind. #4 is NOT 007's Honey Ryder. She's 12. And that means I'm still in charge of her wardrobe for at least 6 more years.

Last night, the "discussion" came to a head, and the tears and the whining and the "But everyone else's parents let them have bikinis!" was in full swing. When it got to be too much for me to tolerate while looking online with her at one piece suits that I would allow, and she was on chorus 126,487 of "You're the meanest Mom in the whole world!", I finally snapped. "#4! If you do not cease and desist that whining and complaining immediately, we're going to get you a vintage suit from the 1900s!" She looked interested until she saw what I meant.

The good news is that the Daddy took her shopping for a suit this morning so I don't have to. The bad news is that he's a much softer touch, and vulnerable to #4's repertoire of puppy dog eyes, tears, and trembling little chin. She is a total Daddy's Girl, and he likes being her hero. So, to prepare him for the onslaught of femaleness he had no idea was coming, I emailed him several pictures of suits available in stores in our area to use as a guide. The man has an iPad. It's time it was used for good, not evil. I'm kinda scared to see what winds up coming home with them. Please let it be bigger than a kleenex.

I'm not here to criticize others for letting their girls wear bikinis. Their kids, their choice. But my girls will not. We don't go to the extremes of modesty that say, the Duggars, do with their girls. I'm fine with a one piece suit. It was good enough for Baywatch (though I don't want my child in a suit with the legs cut up to her armpits, either...), and they pulled it off just fine. However, I will not allow bikinis while my girls are living at home. I just don't see the necessity. Oh! Brainstorm! I could tell her that she's a redhead and that much skin exposure to sun, is a bad idea, since she burns so quickly and deeply. But I won't. Because even though it's true, that's not the most important reason. 12 year olds do NOT need to be showing everything they've got. They haven't even got anything yet!

So.. here's what I need to know. Am I the meanest Mom in the whole world? Not because I would change my opinion based on y'alls answers, but because I really do want to know if everyone else allows their 12 year olds to wear bikinis... or even worse ~ the monokinis I saw on the Macy's site last night. *shudder* And, if you do, I have a question. Why?
Images via the google. Specifically, Honey Ryder image by Wikipedia.

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