Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Two Kisses For Maddy

I am totally and completely addicted to reading. I would rather read that do just about anything else. I am the kind of reading addict librarians dream about. And, every once in a while I come across a book that is so well written, so moving, that I have to tell everyone about it. So, today you're getting an unsolicited "book review" about my latest favorite book.

I live under a rock. This is common knowledge. Therefore, the fact that this book is on the NY Times best seller list and I didn't know anything about it did not come as a shock to me.

Two Kisses For Maddy will, as the cover says, make you cry. You will cry at the circumstances. You will cry at the tenderness, instinct, and genuine love this father has for his daughter.

Here is a brief, VERY brief, summary of this story: the day after giving birth, the author's wife died from a blood clot, leaving behind their tiny little 3 pound newborn daughter in the NICU and a devastated husband and father. You will read his powerful, emotional, and yes - at times profane- journey of learning to be a parent.. more than that, a single parent, as well as a widower.

I read this book in a matter of hours, devouring every word. Feeling my heart alternately constrict with sympathy and swell with joy and admiration as I read about his revelations in parenting, his grief as a widower, and his constant desire to do the things with his daughter that his wife had wanted to do, and to take her places around the world that they had been together before her birth.

But, the very best part for me was the part at the end of the book, after the discussion section (I hate discussion sections in any book. I get the point of them, but for me, it's a tease, making it look like the book is longer than it is.). There are photos the author has taken of his daughter and his wife, in the same places. Totally tugged at my heart strings.

I got this book from the library, but, you can click the image of the book above, and it will take you to the official Two Kisses For Maddy website, where you can get even more info about the book, and purchase as well.

I challenge you to read this. Whether you enjoy reading as much as I do, or you only read occasionally, this is one book you really don't want to miss.

Book cover image by Image above is embedded with the website link. This is NOT a sponsored post, and all views and opinions stated within this post are my own. Your views and opinions may differ from mine.

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