Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Jars By Lisa and Half Baked Mixes ~ a review

If you follow me on facebook, you know I've been promoting Jars by Lisa pretty heavily. Jars by Lisa is a fun place where you can order glass jars hand decorated by Lisa herself. You can choose designs from her extensive photo collection on facebook, or contact her for a custom design order. I've ordered from her before, and been delighted with the results. And the people who received them were delighted with their gifts.

I am so excited to be able to review the latest for Jars by Lisa, which is a partnership with Half Baked Mixes! This Christmas jar collection features gorgeous hand decorated glitter jars in your choice of Santa's Belly, Candy Cane Stripe, or Glitter Snowflake. Inside each jar in this line will be your choice of cookie mix :Soft Molassses Gingerbread, Pumpkin Walnut, Oatmeal Fudge (gluten, egg, nut, corn free!!), Melting Snowball (egg free), Classic Sugar Cookie, or Candy Cane Crush Brownie Bite.

Each jar order is carefully wrapped to prevent breakage during shipping, and arrives by US Priority Mail. So, whether you have your mail delivered to a PO box like me, or right to your door, your package will get there safely and quickly. And, it's not too late to order! Christmas orders can be placed through December 18, and will arrive in time for Christmas (US only). Or, when ordering, use the shipping address of the person you're giving it to. Easy peasy!

Half Baked Mixes has made sure to take as much of the work out of cookie making as possible. The only things you will need to add to complete the mixes are ingredients such as butter (or your butter substitute), milk (or milk substitute), eggs, and vanilla extract. Instructions, ingredients, and allergy information are included with each mix. We all know how crazy it can be to find a treat our little monsters (and even the big monsters, like the Daddies and Mommas) can have that won't cause a reaction. Now, even Santa Claus can have allergy friendly cookies when he visits your home on Christmas Eve! No more rice cakes spread with almond butter for him! Leave that stuff out for Rudolph and crew! Half Baked Mixes strives to provide mixes made with the freshest ingredients possible, as well as offering a variety of seasonal flavors and favorites.

This is a perfect, beautiful gift for teachers, family members living too far away to come home for Christmas, therapists, neighbors, friends, nurses... the list is endless. It adds that personal little touch that tells the recipient how much you care. And let's not forget the awesome cookie smells that will waft from the oven as they bake. Are you interested yet? Click on the picture below. It will take you directly to the catalog, with all the options, pricing, and information, including clickable links to take you to Lisa's contact page to place your order.

And now, a little surprise. I know exactly how much thought and care goes into each cookie mix, and how much effort into making it as allergy friendly as possible without losing great taste because... well.. brace yourselves, everyone. I *am* Half Baked Mixes.

As a mother of children with allergies, it's important to me that I provide a variety of foods for my Logan and all the other monsters. I was so tired of all the high prices, flavor free stuff I found. So, I made it my quest to find and/or create the good stuff without sacrificing Logan's health. I think I've managed to do that. And then I thought, I must share with others! And Half Baked Mixes was born.

Partnering with Jars by Lisa is doubly special, because Lisa is a special needs mother of seven like me, who has built her business from the ground up based on word of mouth and returning customers. And she's done an awesome job with it, too!! So, click on the picture above, browse around, and spread the word on facebook, twitter, wherever you like! We love to hear from you, so questions, comments, suggestions, adoration, poetry, etc. is always welcome! Remember, orders must be placed no later than December 18 to insure delivery in time for Christmas! *US only*

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