Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Chore Time Is Quick & Easy With #SwifferEffect! #rafflecopter

At the Monster House we use the "divide and conquer" method to tackle household chores. Otherwise, it would be me doing everything, and I just have to say, one person cleaning up after nine people just doesn't work out so well.

From picking up to doing dishes, to vacuuming and dusting, everyone pitches in - even the twinnies. But not everyone has 8 other family members to help get things done, like Lee and Morty, a 90 year old couple  living in New York. You can imagine how lugging around a heavy mop bucket or stretching on a rickety step stool to get the dusting done could be both difficult and dangerous for Lee, who does all the housekeeping in their home. Check out their story, and fall in love with them like I did:

Everyone has problem areas in their own home, or chores that are difficult to accomplish because of the contortions you have to do or cleaning supplies you have to heft around. Well, Swiffer has all kinds of products to help make your chore time shorter, more effective, and more enjoyable! And you'll feel better knowing that your home is really clean, and safe for your family. If you're anything lke me, and have a child or family member with allergies or sensitivities, cleanliness is a big, BIG deal. And for homes with pets and/or small children, Swiffer products are amazing for quick clean up of those pesky perpetual spills and messes.

But wait, there's more! (Lookit me all sounding like and infomercial...) One lucky Living with Logan reader living in the United States will WIN a #SwifferEffect kit ($20 value) of their very own to make cleaning faster and easier! Enter by using the super simple entries within the rafflecopter form below. Though I love love LOVE blog comments, those entries will not be valid, or counted. But always feel free drop me a comment to let me know how much you love me and the monsters. It makes me feel all gooey and get the warm fuzzies...

Remember: only entrants from the US are eligible to win. Good luck, and happy cleaning with #SwifferEffects!

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**disclaimer** I was provided with a #SwifferEffects kit in exchange for this post, including the provided video. Opinions and views stated within the body of the post are mine alone and were not compensated beyond free product. #SwifferEffect, Swiffer, and Swiffer Wet Jet are products of Proctor and Gamble, and copyrighted by same. Referenced here, for purposes of this post, with permission.

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