Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Two Girls, Five boys: Challenges of being a girl at the Monster House.

Today's blog is by my girl monsters, #1(she's 16, and my right hand man) and #4( she's ten, and knows how to get what she wants). Everyone show them some love in the comment section, please. They're all excited about blogging today.
Mom said I could talk about the challenges of living in the monster house.........well I guess being the oldest monster is kinda tough and I have to have more difficult responsibilities. but when you think about it, just about every eldest in America has more responsibility  so I really can't complain. As for being one of two girls; I like to think of it as a leg up. the boys don't have a chance. muwahahahahahah!!!! jk lol
p.s. I'm a teenage girl, if you didn't expect that last line you need to do some homework


Well mom said I could write on the blog! it is exciting i guess. living at the MONSTER HOUSE is  a little strange i guess u could say.Logan & Colton are truly and simply adorable thay turn my froun upside down my other bros (#2,#3,and #5) not so much, because #2 always squeezes me in the sides and it drives me crazy.#3 because he never plays with me* Rude huh!And last but not least 5 it is because he always  shrieks in me ear!
*he used to but not any more* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah soooooooo i guess that is my post BYE );


RacersMommy said...

Great job girls! My YuckMouths agree with you!!!

Mckellipgirl said...

#1 I completely agree. I was the oldest too and it was a little hard but it makes you strong. And #4 boys are just yucky, they are always hard to deal with. Keep strong girls and great work!

Big Daddy Autism said...

Good job Numbers 1 & 4. Hang tough against all those boys.

dotcomkari said...

How adorable was that post! nice to meet you girls! I hope you stay tough amongest all the boys! :)

Caryn said...

Ya done good, babies! I'm oh SOOO proud of ya! Neither of you called the boys names or anything!You didn't even list things that would embarrass them. You're so dang cute!
xoxo The Momma

XLMIC said...

My girls have 5 brothers, too. But 3 of them are older and don't live with us anymore. I'm guessing the two of you can handle pretty much anything!

Dena said...

You two rock! Hey#4, can you get credit for a writing project for this awesome blog?

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